0xGakuen Council vision & guidelines - v1.0

Zero X Gakuen has a vision to become the web3 landmark where anime fans gather. In order to do so, it’s important to make our vision and operating principles as clear as possible. Therefore, we introduce you: Gakuen Forum.

Gakuen Forum is the community forum that will govern community initiatives and manage the community treasury; used to scale our team and begin experimenting to grow the 0xGakuen brand.

  1. Our vision and how you can contribute

We want 0xGakuen to spread the joy of Web3 experience to worldwide subculture fans. To do this we need to bring the 0xGakuen into mainstream subculture and foster advocacy among our passionate holders. To help guide us, both ZXGG(Genesis Collection) Holders and ZXG(Official Collection) Holders will coordinate based on following principles:

  • Community - Treat each other with respect. Respect is the key to long-term sustainability.

  • Transparency - The core team will be responsible with your funds and ensure we will only deploy if the core team and the community both reach consensus on improving the brand experience. We, the core team, will pay extra attention to proposals that have the potential to grow treasury and improve the holder experience.

  • Validate Before Build - We won’t be just another trend follower. Instead, we’ll use the Gakuen Forum as a means to validate our product-market fit and seek out best partners & growth strategies to realize our initiatives.

Here are some of the initiatives that we are anticipating:

  1. DAO Operation - Our goal is to be a successful example of an actually-operating DAO. Therefore, we are open to every suggestion from the community that is aligned with the growth of our brand. We are very well aware that too much decentralization is rather toxic and balance between centralization & decentralization is key. That is why we lay out a dual collection of 0xCouncil & 0xGakuen. The purpose of the 0xCouncil Collection is to administer DAO proposals and serve the vision of the community. Council members will be delegated from the community. (Initially, selected from early contributors of Zero X Gakuen.)

  2. Partnerships - Main focus of Gakuen Forum will be expanding the positive brand experience of Zero X Gakuen. We will expand our web3 subculture brandship by accommodating partnership with world-class retailers, studios, platforms, and IPs. The core team will optimize our networks & efforts in the highest-engaging and highest-returning verticals in web2 media.

  3. Product - We wish to be a kind on-boarding terminal for web3 newcomers. All these new audiences will need to be onboarded and have fun, kawaii things to do. Since our collection is limited, we will develop a product that can embrace the broader community.

  1. Gakuen Forum experience starts with your ZXG & ZXGC.

Everyone who owns any of the collections (ZXGG, ZXG) will have a proposal & voting rights for our community.

Gakuen Forum v1.0 allows every ZXG holder to vote for heavily discussed proposals that are put forth by our members and upgraded by our ZXGC members.

If you have an idea you are passionate about, please don’t hesitate to make an open proposal. The core team will look into every proposal thoroughly and give feedbacks.

  1. Going from an idea to preliminary proposal

  1. Create a Discourse thread for your idea

Before an idea becomes a preliminary proposal, it must be discussed in our discourse forum to gather feedback, iterate and understand if it’s worthy of support. Once an idea gets approval of 5 Genesis Members, a preliminary proposal is created in Snapshot and a vote is called.

Please create a discourse thread in New Proposal Discussion to discuss your idea and prepare for the preliminary proposal. Here’s an example.

  1. Creating a preliminary proposal

When an idea is ready for the next stage, we will use Snapshot to conduct a temperature check vote on a preliminary proposal using the following template.

  • 0xGakuen ID for Kudos: An ID of one of your 0xGakse. This might be used as a future surprise.
  • Discourse: Link to the proposal thread in “New Proposal Discussions”
  • Rationale: Concise argument for your proposal
  • Timeline: When will kickoff be, milestone dates, any time expectations goes here
  • Goal: Set high level goals we will achieve. Numbers backed by past experience are even better.
  • Cost: What is the ask?
  • Accountability: How is the money secured and managed? Who will be accountable?

See example of a final proposal here

Failing to follow the template or farm enough feedback/support will result in your proposal being removed by the council members.

A quorum of 15% must be reached in order for the proposal to be upgraded. Because 1 NFT = 1 vote, there must be a vote turnout of 705 Members (and majority support) before the proposal becomes eligible for an upgrade.

  1. Upgrading to a final proposal

Once a preliminary proposal reaches quorum and majority support, the Council Members will upgrade that proposal and reintroduce it as a final proposal adding necessary detail or context. We will try our best to stick to the original vision of the proposal but there are business, legal, and financial implications that need to be considered and can potentially lead to restructuring.

After a final proposal has been created it will be shared across the entire community to maximize voter turnout.

  • Voting for final proposals is done in snapshot
  • Final proposals are created by the founding team

We acknowledge that proposals range in level of effort and cost so we want to set quorum thresholds that ensure we have higher turnout whenever more money is being spent.

  • Class Level - the smallest of proposals. funding tooling, one-off activations, assets
    • 5% quorum
    • Less than 5 ETH
  • Grade Level - medium size proposals like long term contracts or experiences
    • 25% quorum
    • 5-15 ETH
  • School Level - major decisions and production expenses
    • 50% quorum
    • More than 15 ETH

We look forward to collaborating on the future of Zero X Gakuen with you all. Let’s make exciting proposals and make a good DAO example from Gakuen Forum v1.0!

Thank you all for the support.




Looking forward to the future of ZXG, I will actively participate as a part of the school :smiley:

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