0xGakuen Governance Principles

Zero X Gakuen is a web3 subculture community, governed by holders in the truest sense.

Here’s some basic information.

  1. Zero X Gakuen is consisted of two layers: Genesis & Official collection.

  2. Genesis Collection is 51 leaders of our community. They will have the voting power to upgrade into a preliminary proposal to final proposal.

  3. Official Collection is 1,500 members of our community. You will have:
    1) rights to make preliminary proposals,
    2) voting power on every final proposals raised from the Genesis members.

CF> Quorum requirements for execution:

  • Class Level - the smallest of proposals. funding tooling, one-off activations, assets

    • 5% quorum (75 Votes)
    • Less than 5 ETH
  • Grade Level - medium size proposals like long term contracts or experiences

    • 25% quorum (=375 Votes)
    • 5-15 ETH
  • School Level - major decisions and production expenses

    • 50% quorum (~750 Votes)
    • More than 15 ETH